Detailed Return-To-Work Plan

A&A Maintenance has been committed to assisting our customers in developing return-to-work plans. Our People First™ approach is centered around a safe, clean environment that is well communicated to building occupants.

As we navigate the new post-pandemic processes and procedures we thought sharing our return-to-work plan for our office in Yonkers, NY may be a helpful resource. We’ll be sharing the practices and protocols that we have implemented as well as any adjustments we find necessary along the way.

Return-To-Work Categories:

  • Operational Policies

Operational Policies:

  • In order to make way for a safe re-entry, we are taking measures to have each of our departments working in an A-Team/B-Team structure.
  • In addition, since we are now utilizing ‘Social Distancing Cubicles’, we’ve decided to not put up partitions.
  • The intent of communicating this through print signage is to give our employee’s the peace of mind that they are safe in their working environment.

Employee Social Policies:

  • All associates will be given and required to wear Proper PPE. This includes:

Verbal Screening Entry Policies:

  • All associates will be verbally screened at the entry point of each building with some basic questions:

Suspected or Confirmed Case Policies

  • All associates should self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 if they suspect possible exposure.

Human Resource Department Policies

  • The HR department (or other applicable individual) will inquire into the following areas of the associate’s situation:



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