Introducing Wellness Clean by A&A

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3 min readApr 29, 2020


April 27, 2020

Introducing Wellness Clean TM by A&A

For nearly 50 years, A&A’s top priority has been the health, safety, and well-being of people.

In response to the changing landscape surrounding cleanliness during these unprecedented times, it has become even more important to not only ensure that people are safe, but that they feel safe. We understand that it’s now crucial to your company’s health as a whole for your cleaning company to have a dedicated process that helps prevent exposure to viruses and bacteria.

It’s with that understanding in mind that we introduce you to Wellness Clean TM by A&A.

Wellness Clean is A&A’s proprietary cleaning solution that focuses on building and occupant wellness. Wellness Clean is a people-first approach to cleaning, designed utilizing the latest CDC standards and medically-approvaed procedures to provide a cleaner, healthier environment.

Wellness Clean is broken down into three comprehensive levels:

I. Wellness Clean Proactive

II. Wellness Clean Plus

III. Wellness Clean Premier

Wellness Clean Proactive

Wellness Clean Proactive takes our traditional cleaning methods and utilizes an increased frequency schedule combined with CDC recommended disinfecting products and procedures to provide a preventative approach to the spread of viruses and bacteria.

When taking into consideration how much the landscape of infection has changed this year, we recommend implementing Wellness Clean Proactive after a deep clean utilizing Wellness Clean Plus or Premier.

Wellness Clean Plus

Wellness Clean Plus is an elevated approach to all of our cleaning protocols with a strategic focus on workplace re-entry plans as well as deep cleaning. In our Plus plan, our technicians use protective equipment and ensure disinfection of all touch points utilizing approved disinfecting products and procedures. Upon request, our technicians can also perform carpet treatments, hard surface scrubs, and area fog-spraying treatments using EPA approved disinfectants on all solid and porous surfaces throughout the facility.

Wellness Clean Premier

Wellness Clean Premier is our highest level cleaning protocol completed in association with our environmental partners that utilizes the most advanced products and technology. This should be deployed for spaces that have suspected or confirmed cases of virus or bacteria exposures. Our partnered environmental technicians are deployed utilizing the most advanced protective equipment, and are able to surgically disinfect all known contaminated areas including hard and soft surfaces, touch points, cough-lines, etc. utilizing approved disinfecting products and procedures. It may also be required to utilize fogging methods as well as deep scrubbing of hard surfaces and treatment of carpets.

Wellness Clean is just part of A&A’s strategy for the times we find ourselves in now and for the times ahead. We assure you that we are remaining vigilant and proactive, making sure that we are up to date with the world’s leading global experts when it comes to our safety, cleaning, and infection control protocols.

At A&A, we are committed to elevating and setting new standards for how a cleaning company should respond when it comes to what’s most important, taking care of people.

For more information regarding A&A’s Service offerings, including Wellness Clean, visit our website and connect with us on Linked In.